China’s major chip breakthrough, the United States simply cannot stop it

Dandan 2024-01-16 14:13:59

Against the backdrop of the United States’escalating technological blockade against China, China’s innovation capabilities and independence in the semiconductor field have attracted much attention. On November 28, a new generation of domestic CPU, Loongson 3A6000, was released in Beijing, which attracted widespread attention from the industry and media. What are the characteristics of this processor's performance, architecture and applications? What does it mean?

Loongson 3A6000 performance

Loongson 3A6000 is the latest product of the Loongson series processors. It uses a 28nm process technology, has 4 cores, is clocked at 2.5GHz, supports dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory, integrates Vega 8-core graphics, and supports PCIe 3.0 and SATA 3.0 , USB 3.0 and other interfaces. According to CCTV News, the Loongson 3A6000 has been professionally tested and its overall performance is equivalent to Intel's 10th generation Core i3-10100 quad-core processor, ranking among the international mainstream processors.

This level of performance is undoubtedly a huge improvement for Loongson. From the Loongson One in 2002 to today's 3A6000 processor, Loongson researchers have continued to catch up. The gap with mainstream products on the market has been more than 20 times different at the beginning, and now the gap is getting smaller and smaller, almost on an equal footing. This is a recent achievement. A microcosm of China's CPU development in the past 20 years. Moreover, the performance of Loongson 3A6000 still has a lot of room for improvement, because it has not yet used the most advanced process technology. If it can break through the U.S. technology blockade and use a 7-nanometer or lower process, its performance will be even more amazing. .

Loongson 3A6000 architecture

Although the performance of Loongson 3A6000 is amazing, what is even more gratifying is that it adopts the command system and architecture developed by Loongson. It has complete autonomy and is not restricted by foreign patents. It does not need to look at the faces of foreign manufacturers like before. Waiting for authorization from others before further development can be carried out. This is of great significance to the self-reliance and self-reliance of China's chip industry.

Loongson 3A6000 uses the Dragon architecture independently built by Loongson, which is an architecture based on reduced instruction set (RISC), parallel to the X86 and Arm architecture, and has the characteristics of efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. Dragon architecture has formed a complete Linux basic software system, supporting a variety of domestic operating systems, such as Kirin, Euler, Hongmeng, etc., as well as various application software, such as browsers, office software, programming tools, etc., providing users with a wealth of choice and convenience. Dragon architecture also supports virtualization technology and can run X86 and Arm software on Loongson processors, achieving compatibility and interoperability of software and hardware.

Application of Loongson 3A6000

Loongson 3A6000 not only has strong performance and independent architecture, but also has a wide range of applications, covering various fields, such as education, scientific research, industry, military, aerospace, etc. Loongson 3A6000 has been successfully used in domestic supercomputers, domestic servers, domestic industrial computers, domestic notebooks, domestic tablets and other products, providing strong support for the country's information security and technological innovation. Loongson 3A6000 is also expected to enter more terminal devices, such as smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, etc., to bring better experience and services to users.

The significance of Loongson 3A6000

The release of Loongson 3A6000 is a new milestone for China's CPU and a new height for China's chip industry. It demonstrates China's innovation capabilities and independence in the semiconductor field, breaks the U.S. technological blockade against China, and adds confidence and impetus to China's rise against the odds on the chip road. Loongson 3A6000 not only provides strong support for the country's information security and technological innovation, but also provides users with more choices and convenience, contributing to the development and progress of society.

We believe that with the continuous improvement and promotion of Loongson 3A6000 and the continuous updating and upgrading of Loongson series processors, Chinese CPUs will occupy a place in the international market and form a "three-legged" situation with X86 and Arm, and even "one rider" "Jue Chen" is also promising. We also expect that Loongson 3A6000 can lead the new wave of China's chip industry, inspire more innovations and breakthroughs, and add luster to China's dream of becoming a technological power.

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