Supply of shortage & discontinued materials

● We have been deeply involved in the industry for many years. With rich semiconductor resource channels and 100 million spot inventories, we can help customers find urgent material solutions in terms of production, NPI and EOL shortages.

● Possesses efficient and global channel procurement to provide customers with the most accurate spot information, including manufacturers, material codes, production dates, prices, packaging information, and delivery dates.

BOM packagematerials

● Extremely fast brand supporting ability: 100 professional purchasers who are familiar with various fields of electronic components, 5,400 cooperative suppliers, and a 6,000-square-meter warehousing and logistics center provide customers with one-stop component procurement supporting services.

● 10 domestic and international professional service support teams to provide procurement consultation and comprehensive integration of BOM procurement.

Cost reduction service PPV project

● Long-term cooperation with the original factory & agents at the most competitive price in the world, we accept customers' FORECAST delivery and JIT delivery, providing long-term and low-cost PPV supply. We have global large-scale EMS&ODM joint procurement channels and enjoy priority supply rights.

● Based on the ISO9001: 2015 international certification quality control process standards, to help customers control the quality of each batch of goods.


1. Consignment:With a large number of customers and a powerful data management system,which implement efficient multi-faceted promotion and quickly find suitable customers for you.

2. Recycling of sluggish materials: We have a professional evaluation team, strong financial support, and ability to deal with sluggish materials inventory, so that your sluggish inventory could be revitalized by the highest efficiency and highest price.


Sea, land and air multi-channel transportation escorts your product logistics. Familiar with import and export declaration process of world's 7 major business sectors and suggestions for optimization of tax treatment in various countries. More than 10 years of professional foreign trade business experience to support the transaction. Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Singapore and other overseas warehouse supporting services can assist customers in the flexible delivery of products. According to customer needs. We assist in logistics business activities such as collection, payment, collection of items from multiple procurement channels, etc.

CIS electronic components online procurement mall offers more than 100 million spot stocks, 1 million products for purchase, massive spot stock, and long-term stable supply to create more value and services for you!


Chip selection and parameter analysis: The professional FAE team alliance assists customers according to the product parameters, structure, and manufacturing process. Combine the customer's application environment, production cost and production cycle to select the most cost-effective original device.

Chip quality inspection and aging analysis: Professional quality control process and self-built quality control laboratory can guarantee the quality of each product flowing to the customer's production line. Provide customers with services of component failure analysis in component failure tracking that occur during use.

Distribution of industrial display devices and customized improvement solutions: more than 10 years of senior technical personnel with rich customer appealing communication and debugging to support customers in the effective solution of customized and improved industrial display screens.


We provide premium customers with loan or order mortgage banking financial services to ensure 100% safety of customers' fund flow needs and payment. Introduce professional third-party service companies for customers with industrial capital integration, and provide assistance and follow-up to facilitate the implementation of customers' global business layout.


Based on the extension of the core procurement advantages of the mature electronic component supply chain, the joint production of 3C electronic products can be customized according to customer requirements.One-stop PCBA provides customers with a full range of value-added services, mainly covering three services: PCB allegro production, BOM quick quotation response (24H), original component procurement as well as SMT production and processing. To meet customers' all-round intelligent manufacturing needs from proofing, trial production, to mass production.