Four disruptive technologies to change semiconductor engineering!

Dandan 2024-05-09 15:04:52

As the competition in the global electronics manufacturing industry has become more and more intense, in order to maintain the competitive advantage, many companies are continuously rolling. The development cost of semiconductor products is becoming higher and higher, and development has become more and more complicated.So, how do those subversive technologies affect the current strategies of these companies and how do they change their current engineering methods?


一、The semiconductor development competition has intensified

Faced with problems such as labor shortage, delay in supply chain, and lack of materials, chip manufacturers are compete for new and improved semiconductor products.Small companies work hard to seek to gain a foothold in the industry, Intel, Samsung, Apple and TSMC (TSMC) leading companies such as markets are seeking competitive advantages.


According to the recent report, to maintain a leading position in the industry, TSMC is still the first choice for industry analysts.However, its competitors are rapidly narrowing the gap.As Moore's Law touches the ceiling, the limitations of technology are overtaken the potential of innovation, and the business feasible choices are less and less.If any of these companies have made substantial progress in the semiconductor engineering field, they may subvert the entire global electronic manufacturing industry——This means that they either promote the industry to a new niche market, or in the process of leading companies to find a new foothold, causing unconventional explosive growth.If an enterprise wants to occupy a place in the semiconductor market, the cost is getting higher and higher.From 2019 to 2022, the manufacturing cost increased by 7%, and the import price rose by 5.7%.Some disruptive technologies may provide a method for enterprises to meet the growing demand and logistics pressure that affects its profitable.


二、Four technologies of subverting semiconductor engineering

Some new technologies will subvert the design, production and distribution of semiconductor products, which will have a significant impact on the electronic manufacturing industry.


1. Self -healing, deformable soft composite materials

A research team at the University of Carnegie Mellon developed a new type of soft composite material with high electrical and thermal conductivity by combining liquid elastic body and small liquid droplets of cricket alloy.They name their results as their resultsThubber.Thubber's performance is similar to liquid silicon rubber (the operating temperature range is -175 ° C to 205 ° C), which can maintain its flexibility in the range of -80 ° C to 200 ° C.The current can cause internal heating when the current is through the Thubber, which causes phase -changing reactions, so there is no need for external thermal sources.When it is difficult to use thermal oil or aluminum plate, it can be made into a super flexible thin film.


2. Wrap the carbon nanotubes with a belt polymer

Researchers at Duke University recently launched a new type of carbon -based semiconductor development.This micro -cylinder composed of carbon atoms is stronger than steel, but the width is only one -fourth of the hair wire, which is of great significance for electronic manufacturing.Previously, because the micro -cylindrical body composed of carbon atoms could not be cut off, they limited their application in the electronics field, so they did not have commercial value.The research team changed its electronic characteristics from the conductor to semiconductor by wrapped a special spiral polymer around the metal nanotuba, which solved this problem.


3. Use a glass substrate for semiconductor packaging

Glass is cheap, has good thermal performance, and has a physical characteristics similar to silicon.It can also maintain the shape for a long time, and can hardly deform or degenerate, which can improve the life and performance of electronic products.Compared with today's organic base, the glass base has higher signal performance, which is why the glass base is gradually popularized in advanced semiconductor packaging solutions.For emerging applications that require high -density and high -performance interconnection in the next generation of electronic products, glass substrate is an ideal choice.


4. Two -dimensional iron electric field effect crystal tube

Chip manufacturers compete for emerging trends to apply artificial intelligence technology to micro -chip to challenge semiconductor engineering, because their resource -intensive characteristics have caused their energy consumption costs.The development of the two -dimensional iron electric field effect crystal pipe may help solve this problem.This technology uses the electrical characteristics of oxide and sulfide.Their gradual ability to switch iron electrical categories makes them operate 10,000 times faster than human sympathy, and at the same time, energy consumption is extremely low, which opens a new world for the development of nano -level ultra -low power consumption and high -precision artificial neurophants.


三、Are these subversive technologies have the potential for commercialization?

Like all other disruptive technologies, the new methods of these semiconductor projects must have long -term business feasibility to cause people's interest, or to maintain competitiveness in front of leading companies for a long time.In most cases, these emerging technologies will have a long listing time because they are designed for the next generation of electronic products.As far as the carbon nano -nanotone wrapped in a polymer, researchers admit that their novel development methods may be far from practical applications.The situation of the glass substrate used for semiconductor packaging is the same, and problems such as stress and accumulation limit have limited its commercial feasibility.For some people in the industry, these disruptive technologies have a long market time that may be frustrated, but they are still hopeful.After all, the growing distress itself is part of the progress of the progress of semiconductor engineering.As these technologies continue to cause people's interest, the possibility of accelerating development is very high.

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